Weifeng Ge

Assistant Professor
School of Computer Science
Fudan University
Email: wfge [at] fudan (dot) edu (dot) cn

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I am an assistant professor in the School of Computer Science at Fudan University and the director of Nebula AI Group (NAIG). Before I joined Fudan, I got a PhD degree in computer science from the University of Hong Kong, advised by Professor Yizhou Yu. I received a MS degree in electronic engineering from Tsinghua University at 2015 and a BS degree in optical information science and technology from Huazhong University of Science and Technology at 2012.

NAIG focuses on developing edge-cutting theories and technologies in AI. Our team works on three sub-research areas, including visual recognition and interpretable deep learning, protein structure prediction, and service robots with self-awareness.

  • Visual Recognition and Intepretable Deep Learning: We study metric learning, weakly supervised learning, few-shot learning, meta learning and their applications with computer vision. Our goal is building learning systems capable of understanding our visual world.
  • Protein Structure Prediction and Drug Discovery: We study deep learning methods to infer the 3-D structures of proteins from their amino acid sequences. We aim to predict the binding properties of drug molecules and proteins to identify potential new medicines.
  • Robots with Self-awareness and Cognitive Intelligence: Enabling self-awareness in autonomous intelligent systems is essential for artificial general intelligence (AGI). Our team focuses on developing cognitive theories and technologies for self-evaluation and meta reasoning in service robots.



  • FDU COMP 737017.01: Reinforcement Learning, Spring 2021 (for graduate students)
  • FDU COMP 120004.03: Linear Algebra, Spring 2021 (for undergraduates)

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(* indicates equal contribution, and ✉ indicates corresponding author)
Yangji He, Weihan Liang, Dongyang Zhao, Hong-Yu Zhou, Weifeng Ge ✉, Yizhou Yu, and Wenqiang Zhang
Poster Presentation
Yan Wang, Yixuan Sun, Yiwen Huang, Zhongying Liu, Shuyong Gao, Wei Zhang, Weifeng Ge ✉, and Wenqiang Zhang ✉
Poster Presentation
Gangming Zhao, Weifeng Ge ✉, and Yizhou Yu ✉
Poster Presentation
Dongyang Zhao, Ziyang Song, Zhenghao Ji, Gangming Zhao, Weifeng Ge ✉, and Yizhou Yu
Poster Presentation
Weifeng Ge*, Xiangru Lin*, and Yizhou Yu (* indicates equal contribution)
Poster Presentation
Weifeng Ge, Weinlin Huang, Dengke Dong, and Matthew R. Scott
Poster Presentation
Weifeng Ge, Yuhan Dong, Zhenhua Guo, and Youbin Chen
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MPhil & MEng Students
  • Dongyang Zhao (2020~, ICCV 2021)
  • YiWen Huang (2021~, CVPR 2022)
  • Haotong Gong (2021~)
  • Weihan Liang (2021~, CVPR 2022)
  • Hanghai Hu (2021~)
  • Xianbing Liang (2021~)
  • Ziwei Bao (2021~)
  • Yubo Wang (2021~)
Undergraduate Students
  • Yuanzheng Wu (2021~)
  • Shilong Dong (2021~)
  • Xiaowen Qiu (2021~)
  • Zhenghao Ji (2020~2021, ICCV 2021, Research Scientist at Sensetime)
  • Ziyang Song (2020~2021, ICCV 2021, MPhil at Tsinghua University)